Thursday, August 6, 2009


Road Trip! On Friday we were once again on the move. Loaded into 2 vans and cars, our team and all of the guests who had been with us through the week hit the road for a great 3 hour drive to Marienberg. Upon arrival, we were each dropped off at our various host homes for a brief respite before our big Shabbat meal. Meeting back up at the church, we set to work preparing the meal for around 70 people. There was so much joy in the room as we all greeted and began to get to know each other. As we lighted the candles and invited the Holy Spirit, we were reminded of the light of Yeshua inside of us—and in this time of fellowship, I believe the many flames in the room began to grow as they came together.
On Saturday we traveled to Terezin with 30 people from the church. Terezin was used as a prison primarily for political prisoners. During the Holocaust, the town was turned into a Jewish ghetto, with many Jewish people put into the prison fortress and subjected to conditions and treatment far worse than their fellow prisoners. Terezin represents the darkness that comes through lies and deception as it was used for propaganda and made to look like a nice place to live, when in reality it was a place in which thousands died and from which even more were sent to their death. It was a very moving time for this church to come and experience. At the end of the war, a train went through their very village in route to Terezin, and though the cries of the suffering inside could be heard, the train was not hindered. After our tour, we had a time of prayer and exhortation for the group, encouraging them not to come under the cloud of heaviness. It proved to be something that they needed to hear, and they were very encouraged to learn how to turn this experience into intercession without coming under a heavy spirit.

Saturday night we had a gathering of everyone who wanted to come. It was a beautiful time of worship, and powerful time of prophecy. One young lady, who had been struggling in her relationship with the Lord for two years, was deeply encouraged and it is truly a new day for her! We had a powerful time of intercession over her life, and she was amazed at the prophetic words which God was confirming over her life that night. One young guy was delivered and reconciled with his father, praise Jesus. A precious family was encouraged and strengthened through the prophetic word. There are many other testimonies from this weekend. A testimony that will change the course of the church, though, is the reconciliation that happened between the generations. One of the youth group members repented to the older generation for excluding them from their lives. Something we've felt since our first German prayer meeting at the beginning of the year was the turning of the fathers' hearts to the children, and the children’s to the fathers. Such a gift from the Lord to see this in action!
At the church service on Sunday, Norman, Isaac, Rachel and Elias led us in a wonderful time of encountering the Lord in worship. As we met with the Lord in unity, our time flowed into the sharing of the Word. Norm ministered through the Word and prophetically. It was a powerful time of sharing and there was much encouragement given and received. As well, the Lord had given Norm several specific words for individuals in the congregation – truly a time of exhortation, encouragement and edification! Following the service, we were able to pray for the many that came forward. There were deliverances, healings and reconciliations! God is so good! So much happened there with repentance between the generations and even within individual families.

Afterwards we shared a meal together, and we ministered over many throughout the meal time. We know God did more than we could even see, and He is stirring something big for this church. After our meal, almost everyone went together to a beautiful lookout point and a walk through the forest, then we all enjoyed ice cream together before the rain came in and ushered everyone back home for some rest. That evening, our team and many of the young people in the church were invited to share a meal in the home of the family who had received ministry on Saturday night. This was literally a next day fulfillment of the picture spoken out the night before. Not only did God speak His word, but He is already at work fulfilling it! Monday, on our way back to Herrnhut, we traveled to Seiffen and shared a meal with the Heidel tribe. It was a great time of fellowship and connection.
We are now back in Herrnhut serving the Maranatha team this week. Please be praying for a greater release of prophetic vision and direction. He has faithfully and beautifully been confirming words he has spoken to us. We feel that we are standing on the edge of something magnificent.

Love to everyone,

Rachel, Tabitha, Lynn, and Hannah for the team
P.S. Here is an album with many pictures of our weekend in Marienberg. Enjoy!

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