Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Streams in the Desert

This weekend was our Streams in the Desert conference. I am undone, and as I prepare to attempt to put into words what the Lord has done, a sense of awe and amazement swells in my heart. Read these words of Isaiah: “Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. Then the lame shall leap like a deer, and the tongue of the dumb sing. For waters shall burst forth in the wilderness, and streams in the desert. The parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water” (Isaiah 35:5-7a). This weekend, I saw God restore vision to those who had lost heart. I witnessed people hear and respond once again to the call of God upon their lives. The most reserved and traditional of men could not physically contain their bodies in response to the new life awakening inside of them. And those whose tongues have been restrained for far too long released the songs and prayers and cries that were swelling inside of them, longing to be released. Tears of gladness and thanksgiving spring from my heart when I consider the unfailing love, the far-reaching mercy, and the indescribable beauty of my God. Even after 6 months of prayer and preparation, I was astounded at the extent to which God not only answered our prayers, but went so far beyond as to show me that there is nothing too great for Him. I am stirred to live a life of faith—to go from glory to glory—to believe God for more and more until my life is spent in obedience, until the world-wide revival has been released, and until Yeshua is returning to claim His Bride.

This was a momentous and special time for the Heidel family particularly. The entire family of 3 generations were all together, in one place, seeking the heart of the Lord. Mr. and Mrs. Heidel, their 9 children, and their 23 grandchildren all made it to the conference. The Lord continued what He began in Pรถlzig, this time for the family as a whole. It was a time of restoration, honoring, releasing destiny and unveiling some of the hidden treasures of inheritance. Many people shared how they were impacted by witnessing God move in this family over the weekend. Already the Heidel family is touching this nation through even the testimony of their journey. People shared how they were inspired in faith for their own families and for this nation.

This is a video created out of intercession for Germany. Its very existence is testimony to God releasing His anointing and creativity to break through doubts and fears. As we decide to not hold back, but release the treasure inside of us, we are calling forth the hidden seed in this land. This is both a cry of intercession for this land and also a picture of what was taking place this very weekend as God brought forth the “Streams in the Desert.”

We feel so strongly that God wants to touch the children and that they have a central role to play in the destiny of this nation. Our theme for the children’s ministry this weekend was “Exploring God: Discovering the Treasures of God’s Character.” Our desire was to help spark a passion for God in the children and to release them into their identities in Christ. We taught on four characters of God: love, holy, faithful, and good; and encouraged the children to spend time in God’s presence and let Him become their best friend. On Sunday morning, we had a very special time of prayer over some of the children who wanted to receive more of the Holy Spirit. It was evident that their hearts were soft and were being touched. It was such a joy and privilege to serve and bless this generation of revivalists. We want to deeply thank you for your prayers for this conference and for our time in Germany. We know that those who have interceded and supported us from afar share with us the blessing and breakthrough of this time. We are now in a time of debriefing and processing what the Lord has done and spoken over the last 5 ½ weeks. This coming weekend we will travel to Prague for the final leg of our trip together. Please continue to lift us up in prayer. We want to press on and grasp ALL of what God has.
With deepest thanks,
Hannah for the GBI Germany team


  1. All I can say You blow me away so did germany ...shakabomba
    miss you all
    with love
    Mr.habiby :)

  2. I am totally undone by that video. (Can hardly see to type!) The anointing on it is incredible. Thank you for sharing it!
    It's fun to think about the fact that, through our prayers, we all had a small investment in last weekend. I almost feel like I was there!
    Hannah, the last sentence of the first paragraph is amazing. (I might steal it!)
    Love you guys!

  3. This touched my heart so much. God is so good. I pray that He will continue to release everything that He has for Germany. And yes, what an AMAZING video. Wow. It stirrs up intercession!
    I love all of you, and will keep praying for you as you will be in Prague!

    Love, Sietske

  4. Ya,,, that video had me fighting back the tears as I sat at my desk at work. sigh...God is so good! Great blog Hannah!