Friday, September 4, 2009

Prague and beyond

Dear friends,

I just wanted to let you know that I have another blog to post about our trip, but must wait until I can connect to the internet with my own computer in order to upload pictures. The last leg of our journey took us to Prague where we happily were able to connect with John and Kelsie Mullen and Prague Christian Fellowship. We were able to minister at the church, do practical service in cleaning up a neighborhood, and attend a watch at the house of prayer and encourage the leaders there. It was special to end our time together in this beautiful city. I truly feel it was the Lord's leading because Prague is the place where Jan Huss stood up and for the first time preached in the Czech language and translated the Bible for the common people to read. The revival that broke out in this place led to great persecution, Jan Huss himself being burned at the stake. The Hussite movement fled Prague and carried this seed of revival with them. The last remnant of the Hussite movement were part of the Moravians for whom Count Zinzendorf established Herrnhut. As we have been praying, believing, and seeing the forgotten seeds break forth in Herrnhut and Germany, God brought us back to the place where those seeds were planted. What an amazing God we serve!
So, the GBI Germany team said our last goodbyes on Tuesday and we have all gone on to the next step. Our hearts are still united and we look forward to reuniting in Cyprus. I know that God has stretched each of us and greatly increased our hearts for this nation. We give thanks for what the Lord has done and know that only God knows the full extent of what took place during these 6 weeks. We know that only time can reveal the layers of testimony, and that the ripples will go out beyond what we will ever be able to know. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His lovingkindness endures forever and ever!

Hannah for the GBI Germany team

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