Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In the image of our Creator

There are many treasures to be discovered. As we prayed for this time in Germany, we felt that the Lord would guide us and unveil riches, both in the land and in our own lives. It is more than metaphor that we were made from dust and brought to life by the breath of God—we are earth and we are fashioned in the image of God. We are earthen vessels that carry the very seeds of life inside. When we allow the seed to break forth, we are revealing to the world the image of our creator, in whose nature it is to create. This is why we know that as a generation allows their seed to break forth, creativity shall be released with a force unparalleled. In Germany, we have been struck at the level of creativity we have seen in the people. Everywhere we go, we meet talented artists—woodcarvers, painters, songwriters, dancers, writers. Some are operating in their gifting, some holding back in doubt and fear, and others stuck between—recognizing the passion, yet hesitating to let it shine. That is why we declare, we shout to this generation, "Be free to discover the beauty inside of you! Be liberated to release and grow in your gifting! Don’t hold back! Abandon yourselves to expressing the heart of the Creator and blessing your nation!” 

As the Lord has burdened us to see this released in Germany, He has been faithful to begin this work in our own lives. We have recognized the power of creativity in worship and intercession. The Lord gave me a poem while praying for Germany. While writing, I felt no special emotions rising and did not recognize it as anything very significant; however, when I prayed the poem out in intercession, something broke in the atmosphere and an intercessory cry was released in our hearts that morning. From this poem, the Lord directed us to our theme for this trip and He has continued to speak to us and reveal more. We shared these things with our guests and friends in Herrnhut, and the Lord began to do more. We had two young ladies with a beautiful gifting for art come visit us. We shared with them our vision and asked them if they would create a banner to express this theme. When we saw the finished work, we were amazed at the depth of revelation it conveys

Norman’s brother-in-law, Verner, connected to what the Spirit was saying. He took an old timber cut down in the 18th century, and saw inside of it a hidden seed. Carving away, he revealed a beautiful sculpture. For hundreds of years, this intercessory picture has been hidden inside, waiting to be revealed at such a time as this. The video on the previous blog post was an additional creative expression released as God deepened Marissa’s heart with this cry.

Before joining us for our Streams in the Desert conference, the Lord gave Matthew R. a vision of a staff. This was a tool in the hands of God’s people for revival. At the bottom of the staff was written “intercession,” and at the top was written “worship.” He saw that the saints will break through the heavens with their worship, and intercession will come and break through the land. He shared this vision with Verner, who then created a wooden staff as a symbol of this vision. As Matthew held up this staff and shared the vision at the conference, we were also reminded that when we rise up as an Esther generation, the Lord will extend His scepter to us in favor.

These are just a few of the testimonies of how God has been releasing creativity as intercession for this nation. We know that more is coming. We also know that this is not something only for Germany, but for the whole body of Messiah. We encourage you to discover the beauty, passion, and creativity inside of you and allow it to shine and develop.

Hannah for the GBI Germany team 

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